Budget Estimates for Legion Baseball Team

Budget Estimate for a Senior and Junior Legion Baseball Team

Based on a 20 Game Schedule – 2023

Budget ItemSenior LegionJunior Legion
Registration Fee (National & State)$200$175
Administrative Fee (National)$25$25
Insurance (Seasonal Cost)$350$350
Insurance (Year Round Cost)TBDTBD
Baseballs - 10 Doz. at $85/ea
Diamond D1Pro-Stamped:
American Legion Baseball
Scorebook (GameChanger)$40$40
Line Up Cards$10$10
Ice Packs (1 Box)$20$20
Med Kit (Mandatory)$40$40
Apparel (Warm ups, hats, etc.)$1000$1000
Total Estimate$4,335$4,210
Uniforms (30 Jerseys @ $50)$1500$1500
Total Estimate w/Uniforms$5835$5710
*Cost of Uniforms is not annual (add if you are a new team or are replacing)
*Field Expenses (some teams pay a fee for their home field)

How To Cover the Costs?

Sponsorships and player fees generally cover the costs of the teams. Sponsors include local Legion Posts which can host fundraising events and in some cases provide concessions during games to raise money. Outside sponsors can also support teams. The goal should be to provide a great opportunity to the athletes with minimal costs.


Player Fee $175

3’x5′ field sponsorship banner $250 per year for 3 years (due to the cost of the banner, a 3-year commitment is recommended)

Team Sponsorship would provide the sponsor with a mention in the official team name, a field banner, name/logo on warm-up uniforms and possibly uniforms via a patch or if the sponsor was willing to commit to multiple years the team may decide to create new uniforms. This level of sponsorship is usually at least $2000 per year.

As an example if your team has 15 players, 6 local businesses as field sponsors, your local post is willing to help raise money, and 1 team sponsor your income would be:

15 Players – $2,625

6 Field Sponsors – $1,500

1 Team Sponsor – $2,000

1 legion Post – $1,000

Total Raised – $7,125

Any combination of the above, or your own fundraising ideas can work to raise the funds necessary to field a team.

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