Team Registration

How to Register Your Team

Go to the American Legion National website, create a user account…then follow the workflow directions.

After setting up your account, you will be able to “Add or Renew Team” and the workflow will take you through 2 phases:  1. Creating your Team Application and 2. Creating your Team Roster.

For each of these phases you will need to hit the “Submit” button to send it to Department Chairman for REVIEW and APPROVAL; and you will need to receive Chairman’s approval by the due dates (see above important dates) and the dates will be visible within the National on-line registration tool.

You can register your team now.  Ability to pay Registration Fees and Insurance Premiums and Department fees to go live mid-February.

Having Trouble? Here is a PDF explaining the Process!! Please contact us as well as Maine Legion Baseball at


How much will it cost to Register my Team?

Team Registration Fees:

National Admin Fee= $25

National Registration Fee JR= $75

National Registration Fee SR= $100

Maine Registration Fees for either SR or JR Team = $125 per team

Total Registration JR = $225

Total Registration SR = $250

K&K Insurance Fees:
Total Insurance for JR= $236 (Seasonal) or $286 (Annual)

Total Insurance for SR= $278 (Seasonal) or $349 (Annual)












SR Premiums




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